SAMP- How it works

Registering makes the first step which makes both student and alumni eligible for the program. Students and alumni will have to register in their particular registration sections. Hence, both will be provided with a specific registration number for future reference.
1. Mentee/Student :

i} First step is to register  for the program.

ii} After succesful registeration you will be able to the browse the list of mentors available to browse with their profiles confirmation. From there select the resisteration id of mentor (available in their profile) and send us an email with the registeration id (by using the button, available when you take cursor on their profile section) of the mentor you want to connect with.

iii) Our team respond to your E-mail within next 24 hrs.

iv} Now, your work is completed.

2. Mentors:

i} Will have to register first for the program . After succesfull registeration their profile details are availaible on our website from where currents students of the college can contact them directly or indirectly.

ii}They'll have to manage a personal profile so that students can know their mentors before starting the program. Register Here

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